3D Modelling And Character Art

Want versatile 3D models and characters? At Team Of Keys, we create unique lifelike 3D models and characters tailored to your needs. Our expert team ensures precision and high-quality for applications in gaming and virtual reality.

Our Core Advantages

Creative Vision

Gain fresh perspectives and artistic talent to bring your ideas to life in 3D.

Technical Capabilities

We utilize the advanced software and hardware for complex modeling and rendering.

Access to a Wider Range of Styles

We provide diverse artistic styles, themes and genres as per the required specifics.

Enhanced Interactivity

Interactive 3D models and characters that can be used across various platforms, including AR/VR, gaming, and interactive media.

WHY 3D Modelling And Character Art ?

3D characters aren't just for video games anymore. Imagine groundbreaking video games, captivating animations, or even stunning product visualizations - all brought to reality with the power of 3D. These 3D characters not only enhance visual appeal, but also narrate powerful stories. 3D characters add a level of immersion that static images simply can't match. The possibilities are endless - let Team Of Keys translate your ideas into experiences that leave a lasting impression.


Our suite of services

3D Props

This forms the foundation, creating digital representations of objects and characters. Leverage highly detailed and realistic 3D models of inanimate objects used to populate environments.

3D Characters

The creation of lifelike or stylized digital characters for various applications.

Character Design

Our artists translate your concept art or ideas into detailed sketches and illustrations to create original and memorable characters.

Character Modelling

The technical process of transforming a 2D character design into a 3D model using specialized software and defining the character’s geometry, adding textures and materials.

3D animations

Give your characters the ability to move and express themselves through the art of 3D animation. We create smooth, realistic animations that enhance storytelling and user experience.

Character Models of Living Characters

Harness the power of using real-world reference data (through photogrammetry or 3D scanning) to create incredibly lifelike digital representations of actual people.


Specializing in end-to-end 3D modeling and character art, we harness the latest tools and software like Blender, Maya Blender, Maya, 3DS Max, Substance, Unreal and Unity to create stunning visual assets. Our streamlined processes ensure faster delivery without compromising quality, while transparent communication keeps you informed every step of the way. By optimizing efficiency, we not only save you time but also offer cost-effective solutions, maximizing your financial savings.

With a commitment to reliability, we deliver custom 3D modeling and character art solutions tailored to your requirements, offering support and assistance throughout the project lifecycle. Count on us for visual solutions that offer superior scalability and flexibility, ensuring your project evolves with your vision. Let's collaborate for an exceptional 3D art!