Explore the comprehensive suite of services, offered with precision and expertise by Team of Keys. From developing games, depicting animations to visualization, we cover various aspects of digital creativity

Game Development

Team of Keys ensures an exclusive approach in full cycle game development as modern game development requires unique themes, engaging gameplay mechanics and specific storylines.

We understand the importance of choices for the genre, platform preferences and narrative requirements. Thus, we are a one-stop shop for gaming concepts to 3D cinematics, eliminating the need for clients to work with multiple agencies. We offer a complete range of game development services.

Explore Game Development

Discover the next level of gaming, where your potential becomes a captivating reality. Contact us and share your aspirations.

ML and AI

Illuminate your insights with our ML and AI-powered solutions. We make resourceful deployment of AI and ML technologies to give your business smart applications with smarter solutions.


Addressing the need for transparent AI models across diverse sectors, we provide Generative AI, Predictive Modeling and Chatbots. We offer NLP solutions for text, speech and sentiment analysis. We employ computer vision for object detection, recognition and imaging. Our range of solutions includes Recommendation Engines, AIOps, and Facial Recognition Software as per various business requirements. Our team makes use of open source artificial intelligence and machine learning tools (GPT 3.5 Turbo, GPT4, Midjourney, DALLE, Hugging Face, LLAMA, Yolov8, CoreML, etc.) to ensure adaptability and customization. From enhancing customer experience to increasing productivity, implementing these technologies propels you to stay automated in the dynamic industry.


3D Modelling And Character Art

In the competitive industry domain, visuals matter. Our suite of services for 3D Modelling and Character Art includes generating 3D props, 3D characters, Character design, Character Modelling, 3D animations and Character Models of Living Characters. The tools we appreciate for creating stunning artworks are Blender, Maya, 3DS Max, Substance, Unreal and Unity.

We strive to balance between realistic rendering and stylized artistic expressions based on the project requirements.

Architecture Visualization


Understanding the required level of detail for architectural visualizations, especially in terms of interior and exterior elements, we provision Interior and Exterior 3D Rendering. We facilitate Landscape Visualization for the thoughtful design of outdoor spaces and infrastructures. With our interdisciplinary team, we deliver Photorealistic Rendering to produce high-resolution images with detailed textures. We put to use Blender, Unreal and 3DS Max for apparent Architectural Animation.

Team of Keys' services contribute to reducing rework and ensuring projects stay within budget and timelines. We work towards a smoother project execution minimizing disruptions.


3D Cinematics

In today's digital era, 3D cinematic and character animation experiences play a pivotal role in enhancing storytelling, entertainment, and brand engagement. 3D animation offers an enhanced view of depth and scale, making it suitable for illustrating the environment, personalities, or alternate realities. Utilizing three-dimensional models enables the creation of images that would be challenging or impossible to achieve using traditional animation methods. We offer 3D cinematics and animation services to create characters and objects that appear more realistic than 2D animation.

The advanced software tools that we use for delivering real-time animation and visually compelling scenes are Blender, Unreal Engine and Unity. Our team prioritizes high-resolution graphics for various animation genres and styles. Our focus lies in providing tailor-made 3D cinematic experiences and animations for projects with different levels of complexity. Seeking to create cinematic masterpieces or need any expert guidance for your next project? Connect with us and let's make it together.