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Have the desire to shape your own gaming world? Join the Team of Keys, where imagination sparks reality. Dive in and let's set the course for unparalleled landscapes, characters, and stories.


Wondering who we are and what drives us to create unforgettable experiences?

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Team of Keys is a team of innovative artists, designers and game developers with a shared vision, who are dedicated to take your aspirations to the next level. What sets us apart is our collective commitment to deliver games that resonate with players and leave a lasting impact.


Combined experience.

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We work together to deliver excellence in what we believe.

Imagine a team that not only knows diverse genres but has also mastered the art of creating them. We are the team, who have come together to transcend the ordinary. We understand the unique needs of businesses in the gaming industry. Our mission is to create compelling games with our strategic solutions that drive results. As an evolving game development company, we are driven by a thirst for innovation and a dedication to quality.



A synergy of diverse talents, each contributing uniquely to the collective success

In the volatile business arena, the presence of a valuable team has always been the cornerstone of progress. We as a team are endeavored to deliver quality next-generation solutions with affordable pricing structure. Our experienced team of game development professionals uses high-tech tools to design, develop and launch full scale games for various platforms. With over years of experience in the game development industry, we have succeeded in delivering outstanding games for multiple genres.